Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Epithelial Carcinoma Endometrioid Stage 3C, Ovarian- there it is in writing. I know I haven't done a great job sharing details and have even shared some misinterpreted information.  Sarah and Greg also shared that her marker number that they track to see how the cancer is responding to treatments is going down and that is the right direction. So it appears that the chemo (two meds, don't ask me names) are the right ones.   The next scan of her body (i think at the end of the month or early January) will be the true indicator of how things are progressing.  No one wants to get too excited as the chemos coming up aren't easy.  But the good news helps!  

Chemo 2 was tough- nausea, weak, bone ache from the white blood cell booster.  And now Sarah has a cold, a stye and thrush....but she reports these things with acceptance that it goes with the territory.  She looks fabulous with very very very short hair and the wigs are being adjusted.

THANK YOU for all you are doing and please keep sending positive thoughts, prayers, cards and emails to Sarah- they're working!

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franc said...

Yea...I can finally Blog like the big girls!! At last I can be a part of all the good wishes for Sara! I know 2009...will be very fine...for Sara! Looking forward to all the updates! Blessed New Year to all the Stoners!!! Your Altoona Friend Forever...Fran Coppola(phils mom)