Monday, January 26, 2009

Greetings from Baltimore

Nap time, quiet time, restful, peaceful, still and sweet. I'm in Baltimore helping Sarah with post chemo not so good days- usually the beginning of the week after her Thursday chemo treatments.Right now Louisa and Sarah are both napping.  It is a lovely time of day and all seems well here!

I drove to see my parents last night and then came down this morning to do whatever is needed. So far I've chatted with Sarah, made lunch, given the baby a bottle, walked to the store with the stroller (where I had a fabulous inpromptu meeting with cousins- they are in town with their son, my 2nd cousin- who is battling leukemia), prepped for dinner, played with the baby and put her down for a nap.  

Sarah is doing really good- this past chemo (her 5th) was the "easiest" of them all!  Her PET Scan showed the tumors shrinking. She and Greg are looking forward to discussing results with her Dr in February.  The plan for now is to stay the course- which means 4 more chemos (I believe- I need to confirm.)  I'm thrilled with this news and arrived ready to celebrate!

I'll share more later but wanted to share the latest that I know with you dear readers/ Sarah supporters!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

January is off and running

Hello dear readers. I so appreciate your feedback and communications.  As I said January is a big month and we're into it!  Sarah started back to work this week- slowly acclimating. Louisa started at the childcare center and all is well!  We're all proud of Sarah and Greg and wishing them well during this transition time.  Adjustments like this are tough for any parent. 

Sarah did get over the cold with no complications- phew- and is feeling good. The efforts to get child and self out the door are big and tiring- again for anyone but very much so for Sarah.  No doubt she is sleeping well these nights. The next scan/screen to see what is going on inside is this Friday- no idea when results will be shared.  So maybe there are some things causing restless nights.  So keep the Christophers in your thoughts and prayers. More as I know it, enjoy the snow and cold- it makes the warmth feel so good!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Being sick with Chemo is the worst!

Well darn it- Sarah has a crummy crummy cold! To deal with that on top of the low energy of chemo is no fun!  She is hanging in there and still getting things done like sorting clothes that Louisa has outgrown and won't need.  In the mean time I will share that chemo went about like last time including good news on the marker report!    January has a good bit happening, as always I'll report what I can and in the mean time please email or call with questions.  Also if you want to send Sarah anything the best way to do that is through my parents- Mom sees Sarah at least once a week and is happy to deliver letters or packages- 13312 Hickory Hill Rd, Hagerstown, MD 21742!  Thanks for reading.