Tuesday, October 29, 2013

HIgh 5!

Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah....Sarah has passed the 5 year mark....woo hoo- She visited her doctor and all is well.  I love that she gave him a glass heart as a thank you.  Hearts have been a fun way to celebrate Sarah's milestones.  Amazing things have happened in these past five years- Sarah's fight against ovarian cancer was focused and direct.  She is an amazing mother, wife, collegue, friend, sister, daughter.  She has raised a fantastic, smart, funny, darling, happy kindergartner!  Her home and family are a blessing.    The smile on Louisa's face is the way I'm feeling as I type this post!

http://lifeonnewark-granvilleroad.blogspot.com   My first memory is Sarah's arrival...life is so much better with Sarah.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sarah continues to do really well- we're just back from family vacation-  "all under one roof"  Strongest and happiest I've seen Sarah- she gets better and better and I love it!  Couldn't wait to share....shared more and another great photo on my blog too...check it out! Thanks for caring, praying and being with us.http://lifeonnewark-granvilleroad.blogspot.com

Monday, November 12, 2012


Sarah called tonight and shared her good news! Clean scan and marker is 8.1- lowest yet!!  She is living a wonderful full life- had a great time with friends and Greg and Louisa on the eastern shore this weekend, her daughter delights her and challenges her, work is crazy.  We shared a great trip to Disney in Sept with all Stoners (minus Joe- my husband)- we all got lessons in prioritization and group tour organization.  Louisa went home with her Halloween costume!

Thank you to all those that ask, pray, think and support our family- it works!!!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

We toasted Sarah's 40th birthday last week and we're so happy, grateful and filled with joy! Her nieces and nephew were teasing her about turning 40 and Sarah said- "bring it on- can't wait!"  The life lesson of cancer.  We love brithdays and all they represent.  

The day before Sarah's special day she visited with her uncologist who told her all was going well! Sarah is doing well- she picked me up on Friday at the airport and I tell you she radiates beauty.  Louisa is now 3 and the spark in the family.  And a beautiful family it is- Greg, Sarah and Bodie have a darling elegant and cozy home in one special city! 

Life is good-we all appreciate the prayers and good thoughts that have brought us to this post!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What we've been waiting for......

Wahoooo, hallelujah, Praises Be, THANK GOD, YEAHHHHHH, Oh yeah......just some of the expressions to the news...Sarah is cancer free and in remission! Her nurse called yesterday to tell her. She called me and left me that message and I just sobbed...the release, the relief- I had no idea how much I was holding on to until it came out. I cry and type, I smile and type, I want the world to know!! I want everyone to know how amazing, strong, beautiful, courageous, fabulous Sarah is. She is also lucky and blessed. I know too many people that haven't had this news to share and fought good fights, prayed, been strong. I know Sarah has had incredible care and so much love surrounding her from so many directions and places. I'm hopeful this news will help others. I'm grateful for all of those fabulous people doing things to support others, doing things to fight cancer, to further research. Those that haven't had this news to share are still here-fueling, inspiring, because they touched me in amazing ways.

Sarah's fight isn't over- she'll meet with her Dr. in a few weeks to know what this latest PT scan/remission means. She believes she'll stay on the medication she's on to keep things from returning- there are side affects. Sarah accepts this, Sarah loves birthdays, and Sarah loves quality time with family, Sarah loves working and using the gifts she has and interacting with others.

Thank you for reading, sharing, praying, writing and being with me. I'll keep you posted as we know more, until then I'll keep smiling and feeling this beauty that comes from an amazing place.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sarah's Doing Well!

Another doctor's appointment with good news! The hormone therapy is doing what it needs to do. The side affects aren't great but....Actually they'll decrease her dosage a bit to see what happens. The tumor in her lungs continues to shrink- this time by half. Always fun to share good news.

Sarah, Greg and Louisa are enjoying their new home in Towson and will host us for Easter- we can't wait! Celebrating life, being together and enjoying the now will be indeed what we do on April 4, 2010!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

No News Is Good News....Except When There is Good News to Report!

It has been awhile since I put anything up on this site and that is good news. Sarah is living a great life- key words- living, life! Louisa is growing, walking and babbling some words. Greg and Sarah are in the process of buying a house and making a new home! And soon the Stoner family will all be together for Thanksgiving in Granville- lucky me!!

The good news to report is we'll also get to say thanks to another really good scan for Sarah! Her latest PET scan showed the one nodule left in her lung decreasing. It went from 5.4 to 3.2 to the latest of 3! Hormone therapy is doing what it needs to do. Sarah is enjoying life without chemo and her hair is growing back! I'll share more as I know it after our time together.

My family continues to appreciate how you hold Sarah in prayer and good thoughts- it makes a difference and helps so much!