Sunday, November 23, 2008

Good News

We're just home from a great time connecting with the Christopher family in Hagerstown. Clare, Peter and Sally adore Louisa- this was obvious by their 6:30 wake up  on Saturday morning to sit googlie eyed and watch Nana feed her!  Sarah and Greg arrived mid morning to see us and the beautiful Louisa.  Mom keeps Louisa in Hagerstown during Sarah's chemo treatments.

Sarah looks fabulous. The 2nd round of chemo went okay and they were given good results to share.  The chemo is working, but it does make her pretty sick a number of days post procedure. So keep the cards and words of support coming!  Greg summarized it this build up your strength and feel okay, then you're taken out and do the cycle all over again.   

Greg and Sarah also shared the good news from pathology- we'll get those details up on the blog soon.  The bottom line is her body and the cancer are reacting well to the treatments! She continues to gather strength from rest and the love and support of so many!  Thanks for reading and posting!

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Laura Gordon said...

I am so happy to hear that your chemo is going well. Louisa is beautiful! I would love to get her and Emerson, who was born on your birthday, together over the holidays. I am coming up to MD on December 22 - January 6. Thinking about you a lot!