Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sarah Catherine Christopher

So who is Sarah Catherine Christopher? Her nicknames have included Boo, Sweet Pea, Stoner. She is the wife of Greg, mother of Louisa (cute picture on blog), sister to Susan and Matthew, sister in law to Joe, Gary, Laura and Dawn. Aunt to some nieces and  nephews on both sides that adore her.

She is also an amazing friend and I can say that because I LOVE her friends. It has been a joy to know her friends all her life- being four years older I can say I've gotten to know many of them...the latest opportunity being the best wedding I've ever attended (is the matron of honor allowed to say that??) back in August 2007.

What else about Sarah? She was born on Valentines Day and came two months early and is a survivor. Today she was told by the guy who is making her wig that she has a calming personality. She is someone with amazing integrity, commitment and style.

So blog away. This is new for us. My hope is this blog gives us a place to stay connected to support Sarah on her journey with cancer.   


lmalley said...

What a great way of supporting and helping Sarah. Louisa is adorable...I love the dimples.

I asked Memaw about the Mung bean soup. All you do is soak mung beans for several hours and add shitake mushrooms (dried will work, but fresh have a more appetizing texture). Simmer for 40 minutes or so. You can also add the beans and mushrooms to any soup/broth (for example, chicken broth with carrots and noodles). She had this soup virtually everyday during her treatment. I believe you can buy the ingredients at a Whole Foods or an asian market.

Sarah will continue to be in our family's prayers.


dnstoner said...

Matthew and I had an amazing weekend in Baltimore with Sarah, Greg and Louisa! Sarah has such strength! So special for me to meet Louisa (I just know she is wondering where the aunt who did not want to put her down for three days went!?!). She really is the perfect baby...so beautiful, happy, content! Thank you, Sarah and Greg, for the great quality time together, so special to us. We are here for you, whatever you need, anytime...all you have to do is call! See you soon....Love you--Dawn

Matt said...

Our visit this past weekend to Balt. was really good(as Dawn mentioned). Sarah was in good spirits, pretty mobile and laughing quite a bit as well. Greg is in good spirits too and keeping things focused and moving forward(questions for the doctors, etc).

Louisa obviously knew that her mom and dad needed her to be the perfect baby....she really is quite good for a 12 week old(looks a lot like Sarah(and you too Greg, just a little). She is beautiful!

Susan, we were laughing about how we used to listen to Carrie Whitely our babysitter play Billy Joel's "Piano Man" years ago when we were growing up and thought it was so funny to sing "we're all in the nude for a melody" instead of "mood". Put that one on the playlist. Also, any Jack Johnson, U2(joshua Tree or War). A little G. Love and Special Sauce never hurts.

Love and Prayers to all and thank you for all the support for Sarah! She is going to beat this!