Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gaining energy

All is well! The last chemo did leave Sarah weak but the nausea and other side affects didn't (in my opinion from Ohio) seem as tough as last time!  Sarah and Louisa did some r and r (rest and recovery) in Hagerstown and Greg joined them a day or so later.  They're happy to be back at home in Baltimore.   I talked with her today and she seemed quite herself which was great.  She'll venture to Louisa's 4 month appointment which will be great since she was in the ICU for the 2 month appointment. 

We're really looking forward to returning to Maryland for Christmas.  Matthew and family will be up so all Stoners will be under one roof and the 6 cousins (Louisa the youngest and Clare (8) the oldest will be reunited- they adore one another.  Actually it is the grandkids that Nana and Pap host while lucky parents go to the hotel!

You all are outdoing yourself with prayers, calls, cards, gifts- thank you, thank you, thank you. It means so much and it is working.  Sarah's strength is good- keep that focus but also keep in mind the perseverance this is going to take.  We all appreciate the love and we feel the warm it and healing it brings.  Communications is a tough part of all this cancer stuff- what to say, what to write, who to call, who to call back when (it takes energy), how much to say.  I'm happy to help get messages on to Sarah and family and to get you in touch.  Again- email me with questions, suggestions, comments.  In the mean time enjoy this beautiful time of year and one another.

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