Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hip Hip Hooray!

Sarah took her 12th Chemo Therapy treatment last week and it went well! Next steps puts Sarah into Hormone Therapy and to a scan in early Auguest. What that means exactly we don't know but we'll keep you posted as we learn and navigate this course. What we do believe is Sarah is getting well, she is fighting this cancer, she is managing cancer in her life, she is working, loving, mothering, being, she is living! She is surrounded by love and support and we're all grateful.

I had a great quick visit with Sarah at the end of June and look forward to some more extended time with her at the end of July! Then our families will vacation together in August and we'll celebrate Louisa's 1st birthday a bit early so the cousins can sing in person! I find it easier to update this blog after visits so look again in a few weeks for thoughts on where things are. THANK YOU for reading and staying in touch with Sarah and our family.

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