Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pure Joy!

Pure joy was what I heard in Sarah's voice when she called this week to share the results from her last scan! It shows no sign of disease in the pelvic and abdomen areas. There is only one small nodule remaining in the pulmonary lobe (lung) and it has shrunk. This equates to the chemo worked. She will continue with the plan of moving to hormone therapy (she already started) and be watched.

Your prayers and good thoughts are working. I am so grateful for all the support. Please continue to keep Sarah there as her body is still healing this invasion- the drug therapy she continues takes its toll. Saran and I had a fabulous trip to San Diego last week. She had to go for work and I tagged along to assist as needed and because I could!! We're looking forward to celebrating this news and Louisa's 1st birthday in OBX with my family, parents and Sarah's family.

Thanks for reading, praying, thinking, loving, learning, teaching, sharing- it is a heck of a journey isn't it.

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