Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Life gives us so many reasons to celebrate and this weekend we did just that with Sarah, Greg and Louisa. Louisa Clare Christopher was baptised at The Church of the Redeemer, an Episcopal Church USA. It was a beautiful service filled with grace and thanksgiving, commitment and promises that we will carry for inspiration and direction. I could go on and on about this event but won't take up space- email me if you need more details or photos!!

Sarah and Greg were amazing hosts providing a fantastic weekend in Baltimore. Louisa is in an active and darling stage- she goes after life-just like Sarah and Greg! She isn't walking but she is mobile! She isn't talking but she is verbal and above all continues to be happy, happy, happy! She really radiates joy. Clare, Peter and Sally adore her and we were impressed they didn't overwhelm their youngest cousin. It was a full weekend of great gatherings with family and friends in Baltimore- a city we really enjoy visiting- can't beat those hard shells and crab cakes- oh my gosh! I can't wait to go back- the problem is the more we're together and the more we want to return and the longer we want to stay. It is a good thing we all have fulfilling things to do when we are a part from one another and things like blogs, email, facebook and cell phones keep us connected.

The past few weeks have been filled with good focus for Sarah- baptism prep, travel for work and friend fun. She has chemo this week so lets keep her in our thoughts and prayers and support her as we have- she feels the love and it is working- we all have much to celebrate.

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KeanaLee said...

Yeah! Tell Sarah I think of her often & keep her in my prayers...I hope your August vacation is wonderful! It's not where you go but the memories you make when you get there....make some glorious memories.