Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Time Going By = Good!

How is it already March? I apologize for all the time with no update for Sarah! The good news continues, "no news is good news" is true at this point for Sarah. She is living and fighting cancer. She continues with chemo every three weeks and looks forward to another scan at the end of April to determine if/how often she'll continue with chemo treatments.

I will share that she was able to escape and take a wonderful trip! She and Greg were able to really relax and enjoy warm weather, sunshine, great food and good company. Louisa was with my Mom which was a huge treat for Nana! Shortly after arriving home from the trip Sarah had a chemo treatment. The time away had a positive affect- her "counts/numbers" were good/up.

As I share that Sarah is living with and fighting cancer I will say that she does this with amazing strength and honesty. Sarah acknowledges the challenge cancer puts before her and family and friends. She admits the hardship and beauty surrounding this place in life. The key word is LIVING in my mind with Sarah. From the very beginning of this journey, when she was first diagnosed, Sarah said she didn't want cancer to define her or her family. She is doing just that- she is living. Louisa helps in so many ways and continues to flourish. Sarah is a fantastic mother and is having fun with the introducing fruits and vegetables. This is a great age! Louisa adores her parents- and is truly a good baby- good sleeper, eater and mile stone maker! Sarah is working on her baptism which will be a very special day. As this blog is for/about Sarah I won't go into my own focus on baptism, but it is something I take pretty seriously. It will be an amazing time to recognize God's grace surrounding us and helping in so many ways.

I'll update as there is news to share for Sarah. In the mean time certainly email me if you have specific questions or want to chat! I'm keeping this pretty general at Sarah's request. We all have our own communications preferences, styles and perspectives. I'm enjoying the opportunity to connect with you in this way. Thanks for reading!

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KeanaLee said...

Let Sarah know that I think of her often & I know I don't have to tell her to enjoy that little girl, time goes by so fast, before you know it they get so big.....hugs! ~~ Keana