Thursday, April 16, 2009

April Update

Where has April gone? Actually we don't want to wish it away as it is filled with many good things and many things to do. HOWEVER we are anxious to get the last scheduled chemo over and the scan completed and see where things stand with Sarah and her cancer.

I just talked to Sarah. The 9th chemo that was to happen today is being pushed out a week due to low platelets. Her Dr says this is a typical side effect of the chemo and isn't surprising. Sarah has a great attitude and looks forward to enjoying the visit with Matthew and being able to taste food! It doesn't impact her appointments so she is going with the flow very well!

I continue to hear about the wonderful ways people are holding, lifting up and embracing Sarah and her journey with cancer. THANK YOU. There are so many amazing people, events, prayers, opportunities and they all work. They all have an impact in some way, shape or form. The energy and love is all around us and we're grateful.

The sun is shining today in Ohio and Baltimore- Sarah and I are enjoying it deeply. Have a great weekend- I'll keep you posted.

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