Thursday, February 12, 2009

Good News!

What a wonderful title to type!  Sarah's visit to her Dr. confirmed that the tumors are shrinking and the chemo therapy is doing what it needs to do.  She will continue with the planned four more treatments and then determine what is next based on the results of a future scan.  All this happening with Louisa rolling over, cutting a tooth and progressing as a happy, healthy baby- love is in the air and we feel it!

All along we were told about the 3 Ps- good physician, positive attitude and prayer- we've had all 3  and much more including great nurses and staff, fabulous friends and family! We're so grateful!  Cancer is everywhere too close to home- as the "blogger" I share with you that my early morning exercise class has four women all of us surrounded by cancer- another sister, a mother and two daughter in-laws. Our family also has a dear cousin in Baltimore.  The good news is we're all sharing good news this month and I offer prayers of thanksgiving, tears of joy and sighs of relief.  But the fight is far from over- there are ups and downs and I ask for extra prayers and thoughts for these women and their loved ones who are special unique people I'm lucky to have met!  We all need to stay positive and appreciate what we have and look to the future- keep the conversations about health and diet, support to non profits making differences (medical and places that support learning!!) and stay happy- keep the love in the air!

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Anonymous said...

Susan, you should read "The Middle Place" it is such a positive uplifting story about a family dealing with cancer. I'm keeping Sarah in my prayers. Love to you both. Kel