Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ovarian Cancer Awareness/Fundraising Event

Sarah's reply to an email (see below) I sent about a great Ovarian Cancer awareness/funraising event on Sunday!

Yahooo! Thank you Susan and all for participating in this event! I
wish I could be there with you! This year has been a journey for my
family but we are winning! I can only hope that with events like this
the awareness of Ovarian Cancer will increase and help women beat the
disease. I know I could not have gotten where I am today without the
support of my family and all of our friends! Thank you so much! Hugs
to all!


From Susan:


Here is the link to the Ovarian Cancer event on Sunday I will be
participating in with my sister in law, Ann! I love that they have a
"sleep in for ovarian cancer" option- it is a $25 donation! I did buy
a mum to honor my sister and her amazing fight against this disease.
I may have the kids do a picture to place in the honorees place too- we'll

It is a bigger event than I realized- I'm use to simple Granville
runs. I registered on line but will make the kids (and Joe's)
participation a day of event- but we're leaning toward having them do it- such a great cause and they now love these runs!!

Ann- I'm looking forward to running this with you- THANK YOU for
finding it!!! Sarah is thrilled we're doing this!

Any one from Gville who wants to ride over- let me know! There is so
much going on so many ways we can all help with the diseases in our
lives- not just cancer- I thank you all for your involvement in anyway
to us and one another!
Granville is such a special place to live.


PS- check out my blog with other ways to help fight
it is long- read down to the fun event to help Stefanie's family on
Sunday too!!

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KeanaLee said...

I'm so happy for Sarah & that she is winning this battle. You are doing so much for the cause & it is greatly appreciated. We just had a walk for Ovarian Cancer here in Pittsburgh. It was a great turnout. Sadly my mother passed from the disease Sept. 24, just2 weeks ago. Thanks for all that you do!